Reasons why we are wearing clothes and why we should wear clothes
In the world 🌎 now people does what makes other happy happy and be jealous not what makes them feel good. Many will wear what is not in other and even the fashion designer keep designing bad styles.

Even bible told us to cover our body well with clothes so that no one should see our bosy, but now people are not wearing clothes in the purpose of covering body but they are wearing it for the world in the name of looking sexy. Those habit mostly found from girls. If it is to look sexy, that should be indoor like, night when you are with your man, not when you are going out or even take pictures of you half naked and post on media. The truth is that; even if you go naked in the public they can call you mad woman no body will award u or pay you. Now you said you are doing this for the world and the word is not even happy to see u in that way then what is the purpose of doing it.

Most of our female celebrities claimed to be wise enough, but look into this; male celebrities can only show off their chest but can never go naked when performing or acting. Check any Nigeria female performance they believe going half naked. Must you go naked before your fans will appreciate you. Look at teni is she not famous, but she keep herself respect, I have not seen her half naked, does that stop her from getting fans, did that stop her from producing songs? No.

Female celebrities please give yourself a good Respect and you will be respected. Exposing your body part cannot make the best musician, exposing yourself cannot make you gain much fan, exposing yourself cannot give you the best husband you are looking for because the man too will love someone who respect herself not the one that exposes herself.

Men will produce song then dancing acting, the man will dress completely but the girl dancing come half naked or even full naked, does it make sense? Does it not look like embarrassment to you? Seeing yourself naked In a video that will be published globally and the man singing come full dressed?

You need to change this. Think about it, you are to wear clothes and cover your body not half naked.

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